A Week in and Around Adana

Adana continues to fascinate those who see it as well as the places around it.

1st Day


Varda Bridge is located in Hacıkırı (Kıralan) Village of Karaisalı District of Adana Province and is called as Koca Bridge by the local people. Hacıkırı is known as the Railway Bridge or German Bridge because it was built by the Germans in 1912. Its distance to Adana is 64 km over Karaisalı by road. The distance to Adana Station by rail is 63 km. This bridge was built by the Germans with steel mesh stone masonry technique. Located within the 6th territory. It was opened in 1912. The purpose of the bridge is to complete the Istanbul-Baghdad-Hejaz Railway line. Today, it is famous for James Bond's Skyfall. 

2nd Day


We have a sea-facing breakfast at Yörük tables above Narlıkuyu and we set out for Cappadocia. We'il be there in three hours. On the way we visit Derinkuyu underground city and Ihlara valley. Then we visit the Göreme Open Air Museum. Our advice for accommodation is of course one of the delightful cave pensions in Goreme.

3rd Day

Pozanti-Kapikaya-Varda Bridge

We're standing before the first light of day. Because we must see the magnificent Cappadocia from the air with a balloon. If you wish, you can linger for a few more hours and visit Avanos or take part in wine tastings. Then we head south! At noon in Pozantı Şekerpınarı at noon, we are chopping feasts next to the historic Akköprü. Instead of following the highway from here, we follow the path of Çakıt Valley, stopping at Kapıkaya and the magnificent Varda Bridge. We are finally in Adana at night!

4th Day

East and Northeast Adana- Anavarza- Karatepe Aslantaş

In the morning we take a short break in Misis and Yılankale and reach to the Anavarza ruins towards noon. In the afternoon we visit Karatepe-Aslantaş National Park and Open Air Museum and Kastabala Ancient City. For an evening feast, you can choose from two famous dining tables in the south. Antakya or Gaziantep! Both 90 minutes from our last visit point!

5th Day

Antakya veya Gaziantep

If you chose Antakya, we visit the Archaeological and Mosaic Museum, St. Pierre Church and the Great Mosque. If you prefer Gaziantep, Gaziantep Mosaic Museum, Bakircilar Bazaar, Zincirli Bedesten are among the places you can visit. If you have the energy, you can go to Şanlıurfa and return to Adana the next day. However, we are in Adana in the afternoon. Because in the evening we will take a fish break in Yumurtalik and go to Adana.

6th Day

Adana and Orange Flower Carnival

The big day has come. In the morning we take a tour around the lake, have breakfast, and appreciate the unique association of the lake and the river with the city. It's time to land in the city center in the afternoon. Because the enthusiasm of carnival has already embraced the city. In the afternoon, we participate in the Carnival cortege, we shuttle between various musical and cultural events in the city until late at night, and enjoy delicious Adana cuisine.

7th Day

Adana and Karataş

After breakfast we visit the historical center of Adana. In the afternoon, you can go to Karataş and breath the sea again. If you love nature, Tuzla or Akyatan Wildlife Conservation Area is awesome.