Around Adana

Adana continues to fascinate those who see also with the places around it.

Anavarza Castle

Anavarza Castle, which is approximately 70 kilometers away from Adana, has been instrumental in the influence of various cultures from past to present. According to some sources, the castle is located in Anavarza have been founded by the Hittites. 

Varda Bridge

Varda Bridge, also known as Koca Bridge (Giant Bridge), is 64 kilometers away from Adana. The bridge, which was opened for use in 1912, was built by the Germans with a steel mesh stone technique and was opened to connect the Istanbul-Baghdad-Hejaz railway line. Became famous for James Bond's Skyfall movie.

Yedi Uyuyanlar

Yedi Uyuyanlar Cave affiliated to Mersin is mentioned in the Kehf surah of the Holy Quran and you can reach this cave by 15-20 stairs. The mountain, which is popularly known as Visit Mountain, has a natural feature due to its conical shape and topographic appearance. The cave is 300 square meters in size and 10 m in height. There are three tunnels inside the cave. A masjid was built in 1873 by the Ottoman Sultan Abdulaziz next to the Cave of Eshab-i Kehf.

Misis Ruins

Misis Ruins near Yakapınar of Adana is named after the Cilician warrior Mapsos and it was used as one of the important stops of the Silk Road. The most interesting of the Byzantine mosaics exhibited in the single-story small museum at the entrance of the village is the mosaic of the 6th century, depicting Noah's salvation from the flood.


Yılankale is 13 km from Ceyhan. It is thought that this fortress, which was found on a very steep hill, completely dominating the Ceyhan Plain, was built during the Byzantine period.

Şar Antique City

Located in the Tufanbeyli district of Adana, Shar Antique City welcomes its visitors with its many historical ruins.The ancient city of Şar, which is one of the historical ruins that could survive until today, has mostly Roman artifacts. Amphitheater is one of the important ruins from the Roman period. The most important remains from the Byzantine period are the remains of a church. 

Belemedik Plateau

Belemedik Plateau, 9 kilometers away from Pozantı, is used to the intense interest of visitors. The plateau, which has a wonderful nature with its length of 3 kilometers, makes one fall in love with the smell of flowers in spring. There is a possibility to camp in the Belemedik Plateau where harmless wild animals inhabit. 

Horzum Plateau

You should visit the Horzum Plateau, which shows the geography and traditional life of Adana with its wooden houses, lush vegetation and highland people, and let nature embrace you. 

Water, Underwater and Rowing Activities

Adana has every opportunity in terms of water sports, an important center of Turkey. With the hosting of various competitions, it has been training numerous athletes… Seyhan Dam Lake is honored to host athletes 12 months a year in terms of functional climate.