Flavors of Adana

Adana Kebab

You should try the wrap if you are wishing to taste famous Adana kebab. This is the only way you can experience the unique flavor since all the sauce is collected in the end. When you order Adana Kebab, you should also specify if you want it to be cubed, because if you want kebab in Adana, minced meat kebab comes to the table. Tomatoes, green peppers, pickled pepper, cress, mint, radish and onion salad with sumac are offered. Rest of the job is yours. 

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Forget all the lahmacuns you know! Adana’s lahmacun is nothing like the others. Neither big size nor nut size… Round, in the middle of the two. Served five in one serving and takes you to peaks of flavor. You should eat lahmacun in Adana at noon or in the evening as the kebabers' stoves will not produce very successful results when cold. 

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The liver, which you can find from early morning to late night, has spread all over Adana to multiply your energy. The shish liver is slowly cooked in the wood fire with lard added between the liver and the chili pepper sprinkled on top.

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Bici Bici

A delicious dessert consisting of grated ice, starch, powdered sugar and sherbet, which you can only find in Adana. Especially in the summer bici bici is the number one refreshing desert, and it can be found in the streets all over Adana. 


Sıkma, often mixed with pancakes, is a type of dough filled with ingredients such as cheese or potatoes. Especially at breakfast, when you eat with ayran, you take the biggest step to begin a wonderful day.

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Kazan Simidi

The sugar-free and braided bagel is cooked in a stone oven and has a special place in the hearts with its unique flavor from Çukurova.


In Adana aşılama name is preferred for licorice sherbet and it is a great choice for cooling down. With a taste similar to iced tea, it is the number one. You can come across peddlers with ewers on their backs all over Adana. 

Şalgam (Turnip)

While fermenting, turnip gains its distinctive soda like-sharp taste, and it is a beverage you will never have difficulty finding in Adana. If you have the opportunity you should try it with grains. Note that if you want to drink good şalgam, you should order it without the spicy sauce. 

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Adana pastry made with a wafer as thin as baklava wafer provides a taste feast with cheese as well as minced meat. While serving, besides the thinly sliced pastries, cold and chopped tomatoes and pickles are also served.

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Şırdan, made from lamb's stomach, is one of Adana's old and regional dishes. In summer and winter, you can come across şırdan at every corner. The cumin that you will pour on the şırdan will add a different flavor to your dish. 

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The indispensable soups of the winter months warm our hearts with the unique interpretation from Adana. In Adana, you should definitely try the thimble soup, dul avrat soup and analı kızlı soup before your kebabs. In addition, after eating trotters in Adana you will not like them anywhere else. 

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Interpreting each meal in their own way, Adana adds hamburger to its list and comes up with a version that you can only find in Adana. 

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Do not resist the desserts you come across while walking on the streets. Let the feeling of the desserts that you can only eat in Adana capture your tastes. 

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Kindly accept the pleasure of eating fish in Adana and enjoying the views. 

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