Places to See in Adana

On the banks of the Seyhan River, south of the Toros Mountains, Adana is one of the best examples of its historical and cultural heritage. As a result of this history you will find out plenty of places to discover!

Great Clock Tower

As soon as you arrive in the city, you can start your exploration with the Great Clock Tower. The tower, one of the oldest buildings in the city, was built in 1882 by the governor of Adana of that period and has preserved all its glory since then. The tallest clock tower with a height of 32 meters, kept its title. 

Ulu Mosque

Ulu Mosque, which was started to be built by Ramazanoğulları in 1523, has been standing high in Adana even though it was repaired in the Ottoman period. Ulu Mosque has the characteristics of Seljuk, Memluk and Ottoman architecture.

Stone Bridge

Stone Bridge on the Seyhan River, joining the two sides of the city, has not lost anything of its majesty since the Romans. In its splendid structure of 3.10 meters high and 13 meters wide, it was able to protect only 14 of the 21 sections. 

Sabancı Central Mosque

Sabancı Central Mosque, one of the symbolic structures of Adana, continues to keep the historical texture of the city alive. You can find traces of classical Ottoman architecture in the structure seated on nine elephant feet. 

American Bazaar

The American Market, where you can meet all kinds of original products that come to your mind or have never heard of in your life, is never bored of welcoming its guests in the city center. 

Gazipaşa, Ziyapaşa, Metro Street, Turgut Özal Avenue

If you are tired of visiting all the places and being filled with historical information, you should have a coffee break. Cafes in Gazipaşa, Ziyapaşa, Metro Street or Turgut Özal Boulevard are competing with each other in order to give you a break. 


You can't leave Adana without a trip by the lake. Be sure to add the Island of Love to your travel route and believe in the good luck of this island.

Historic City Center Tour

Especially in the afternoon, all the orange blossoms come together and capture you. You breathe with that scent, you fall asleep with the same scent. Take a walk on Vali Yolu, Gazipasa Boulevard, Toros Street, Metro Movie Theater Street or Turgut Ozal Boulevard and immerse yourself in the scent of orange flowers. 

Adana Theater Festival

Adana Theater Festival, which takes place in April every year, has been going on for 14 years. With foreign communities from every continent, Turkey's private theater groups, city and state theater teams stage 243 different plays. If you're in Adana in April, you shouldn't miss these plays.  

Other Places

There are lots of places to see in Adana. The Ramazanoğlu Madrasa which was constructed in 1540, Turkey's oldest house Ramazanoğlu mansion, Ramazanoğlu Bazaar, Yağ and Hasanağa Mosques are other places that must be seen.