Carnival Closing Declaration – 2019

Dear friends,

After nearly a year of intensive preparations, we left behind another Carnival. In spite of some disruptions, we performed a carnival in which about 1.5 million people were having fun at the same time in the streets of Adana, the magical scent of orange blossoms was inspired, the spirits were cleaned and the belief in `good` was renewed and strengthened, and people who attended said that `Thanks God, we were here and we will come more crowded next year“.

Carnival results reports will be prepared in the coming days and all notes, criticisms and suggestions will be carefully evaluated.

As a result of our committee`s evaluation; a successful carnival was held in many respects. However, there were also some problems within our notes. In this year's Closing Declaration, we wanted to include what we failed, rather than wasting time writing what was good.

Below you may find brief explanations of each headline;

1.Stand Layout

Stands are planned and managed by Adana Metropolitan Municipality. As the committee, we announce the decisions taken by them. Due to the change in the plans made months ago at the last minute, because of the establishment of pirated stands outside the places reserved for the stands and the set-up of the stands by the people coming from the other cities and so on, unfortunately, we observed an appearance which is far away from aesthetic appearance.

In order to avoid similar problems in the coming year, the municipality and the governor will move the stand places to a place that does not interfere with traffic (it may be a place in Atatürk Park, etc.), the pirate stands that do not take the permission are not allowed and dismissed, and no permission is given to the people coming from outside the city to set up stands. It is planned to carry out inspections during the Carnival by taking precautions with the help of the police / security forces.

2. Drum-Clarion Noise

One issue that we received too many complaints was the drum-clarion noise. Drum-clarion teams will not be allowed during Carnival next year and security measures will be strictly implemented.

3. Parade

Unfortunately, this year, despite all the preparations made about the layout of the parade and the warning that were made about entrance of civilians, we failed the parade order. The main reason for this is that the guest participants who want to have a selfie with those in the protocol have entered the parade.

Our aim was to show the visual shows of the groups who spent months trying to show their costumes at the Carnival, to enable the civil participants to watch these beautiful images and to help the local / foreign TV channels making news about these images of the Carnival.

In this regards, we have decided to change the parade plan completely.

We will also share with you the new parade plan in the coming period.

Our groups who want to join the costume parade for the next year can start their works with peace of mind. All measures will be taken to show those costumes to everyone.

4. Cleaning

During our discussions with the municipal authorities on the subject, we have taken the floor that additional measures will be taken in order not to interrupt the cleaning services next year. However, it is much easier `not to pollute` than to `find a solution to clean`.. We can help the cleaning teams, paying attention to environmental cleanliness. The manpower and time required for cleaning a city with 1.5 million people on the streets should not forgotten.

5. Traffic

In a crowded organization where the infrastructure of many cities will not be sufficient, inevitably there are difficulties in traffic. However, as of next year, there will be a planning in which no streets will be closed to traffic due to activities, especially in the stand areas. Only for a period of about 1 or 2 hours at the parade time, except for a very limited avenues that will be closed to traffic, the roads will not be blocked.

6. Carnival Duration

Trying to fit the carnival into a weekend only gives rise to very serious intensity. However, some of our guests want to experience the smell of orange blossoms on non-crowded days and eat their kebabs in a more calm environment.

With the measures mentioned above, practices that will not affect the general traffic of the city, with the spread of the Carnival to 9 days, ie including 2 weekends, a more regular distribution of visitors every day, instead of hosting 1.5 million people in a single weekend, we have decided to prepare a carnival plan which is much tidier. Thus, both possible disruptions can be prevented, as well as hotels and restaurants will be able to service their guests better.

After all, our aim is to be in Adana in April and spend pleasant time on the streets of Adana during the 3-week orange blossom season. This year, for example, the orange blossoms will continue until around 18-20 April, so it is already announced for the visitors who miss the Carnival time; If you are one of those who love calm environment, this is the time for you to be in Adana in April!

We commenced these preparations this week as a committee. As soon as possible, we will share these plans with all relevant institutions, especially the Governor, Police Department and Municipalities, and submit them to their views.

In spite of everything and the disruptions experienced, for our guests who say `WE HAVE BEEN GOOD, WE WILL COME AGAIN NEXT YEAR` and the ones who had difficulty to go to the house and disturbed by the noise, but despite this, who say ` IT`S CARNIVAL, IT`S OK,” we would like to thank our fellow citizens.

With Best Regards and Wishes,

In Adana in April...