Frequently Asked Questions

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When will the carnival begin?

The Carnival, which will take place between 3-7 April, will start at 11:00 am and continue until late at night.

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Where's the carnival?

This year, over 120 different activities Toros Street, Ataturk Park, Ziyapasa Boulevard, Tepebag Turhan Arin Street, Yasar Kemal Cultural Center Square, Turgut Ozal Boulevard, Ugur Mumcu Boulevard, Merkezpark open air areas and also will be held in many halls.

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What date should we be in Adana in April?

Art and performance activities within the carnival, which will be organized for the 7th time this year, will meet you at different points of the city every day between 3-7 April. We will hold our official opening ceremony on Saturday, April 6, 2019 with our cortege march, which we consider as the trademark of the carnival. If you want to experience the warm yellow streets of Adana with the smell of orange flowers on the days outside the carnival dates, April is exactly what you think.

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When and where will the costume cortege pass? Where to start?

The full route will be announced for the cortege which will start on the 3rd week of March.

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Is the carnival paid?

All events within the scope of the programs announced on our official accounts are FREE. Activities outside the carnival program and organization may be subject to a fee.

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Which celebrities will come?

Many famous names are invited for the Carnival, but it is unclear which names will participate until Carnival Day.

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Will there be concerts?

There will be concerts at the International Orange Flower Carnival of 2020.

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Has the program been announced?

The carnival program will be announced in the third week of March.

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Doesn't orange flowers smell better on different dates?

The fragrance of the orange flowers all around the city, according to the season between the dates of April 1-12 is experiencing the most intense period.

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What to do in Adana in April?

In Adana, where you will meet all the beauties of spring and meet with an air like lemonade, you can spend all day on the streets to live the city to the fullest. You will get lost in the colors of the streets while discovering the different flavors at each corner. If you want to make a route to Adana, you can click here for more information.

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What else can we do? Just Adana?

Especially those from distant countries can organize day trips from Adana to many regions. If you're wondering how to get to Mersin, Tarsus, Cappadocia and more, click here.

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Where to stay? Where to eat?

You can take a look at the plan carnival page and choose what you should see and taste in Adana.

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Who is responsible for the stands?

The Carnival Committee is not responsible for the organization of sales stands established during the Carnival. The Committee has no authority other than advice on this matter.


We strongly recommend that the booths should not be concentrated in a single region according to the experience we have gained from the past years and the demands we have received, especially spreading to larger areas, especially Toros Street, Atatürk Street, Ziyapaşa Boulevard, Turgut Özal Boulevard. Since there are many activities planned at the International Orange Flower Carnival to be held between 3-7 April 2019, there will be mobility in many points of the city.

We strongly recommend installing a maximum of 2 rows of stands on each sidewalk along the streets.

The carnival stands should not be sold outside the products that are in the spirit of the carnival and should not include political and ideological elements.

We would like to remind the carnival committee once again that there is no application for stand sales. The messages we receive about the stand will not be evaluated and answered.

The above opinions of the carnival committee are advisable and the decisions of the local authorities on this subject may lead to changes in the practices. Such application changes are not related to the carnival committee.