Who is Ali Haydar Bozkurt?

I was born in 1967. I lived the first 29 years of my life in Adana, where the streets smelled of orange blossoms.

During this time, besides my education, I did professional theater activities. I also played licensed basketball for many years. I also spent a lot of time on photography, music, etc. hobbies.

I visit Adana on a regular basis.

However, especially in April every year, as lovers of Adana call the Orange Blossom Season, no matter where I am in the world, I continue to come to Adana. I just could not do it for a year. That year, my teacher and my beloved friends put the orange flowers they had collected in jars and sent them to me by cargo. I kept those jars in my fridge for a week. Every day morning and evening I opened and smelled jars, closed my eyes and dreamed of wandering the streets of Adana in April.

I go to Adana every April, especially in the afternoon when orange flowers are most intense, I wear my jeans, my T-shirt and my white converse and wander the streets of the city… One thing I'm not tired or bored of doing for hours is these walks… Wherever I go, there is a different memory. Wondrous wave of orange blossoms in the background… The magical scent that washes my soul enough to make me love everyone and everything…

When we were kids, there were also orange groves in Adana, very close to the city center. And, in the evening, the wind would carry the scent of orange blossoms that it collected from the gardens into the streets of the city… It would caress our faces wherever it passes. Now there are no orange groves in the city center, but thanks to the orange trees on all the streets and the trees in the city parks, you can find the same smell on all the streets you walk.

I had a social, artistic and sports-oriented education in Adana. I graduated from Ayas College. I'm even one of the first alumni of the school. We were only two boys in class. Our only problem was that we had to form mixed teams for boys and girls, as we could not form a boys' team during the inter-class basketball games. We were lucky ... We had memories to tell for a lifetime and friendships that will last for life

During my university years, I could not leave Adana and I graduated from Çukurova University, Department of Business Administration in English.

I've never studied in my whole life. My extracurricular time was so full of activities like theater, basketball, music and photography that I didn't have time to study, so I tried to learn the lessons by listening in class. Despite that I think I've been a successful student.

In 1996, I was 29 years old at that time, although a little late, I came to Istanbul to start my professional life.

During this time, I held different positions in different companies. Currently, along with Toyota duty as Turkey CEO and Board Chairman, I also serve ALJ Holding CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors.

I believe that success is ‘’making a difference’’, and that the most essential element for the realization of all the good and beauty in the world is right communication.

For all these reasons, I wanted to share with you the beauties that make a difference unique to Adana. The main purpose of the establishment of this site is to tell as many people as possible Adana's little-known Orange Flower season and the beauty of this season.

From this point of view, we started off with the slogan ‘’In Adana in April! ”. With the support of all friends who are and who are not from Adana, we want to enlarge this operation and make sure that more people go to Adana every April and have this great experience.

This invitation has no political or commercial purpose. By preserving our sensitivity in the issue, we want to create a ‘’love’’ business and invite everyone who wants to live this beauty in Adana with us in April.

Normally the orange blossom season may vary for a few days each year depending on the climate, but it is approximately between 5-20 April. Next April, we recommend you to be there with us on Saturday, April 7, 2018, during the most intense scent of orange flowers. Of course, I also recommend not to schedule only one day. In the related section within this site, I will try to give you detailed information about “What to do in Adana?’’.