Past Years

In Turkey's first and only street carnival, 1.5 million people turned the streets of Adana into a huge feast as every other year. 

Participants in the events held at the carnival will be a partner of great enthusiasm.

Filling the streets with colorful clothes, people from Adana did not sleep during the weekend.

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For example, the most resentful old friend can forgiven. And, it is a bit dangerous; can make you fall in love with the first person you see on the road…

Most beautiful season, April in Adana... Orange Blossom season... Turns into a wonderfully beautiful climate. Neither cold nor hot... Almost like a lemonade...

Wear your short sleeves and go out to the street… While walking along the same streets with the warm, sincere people of Adana, the wonderful smell of orange flowers brought by the wind from time to time does not leave you 24 hours a day… He draws you unconscious with joy

Turkey or anywhere in the world they live, people from Adana goes to Adana in orange blossom season comes just once a year ... not to miss this enthusiasm which last up to 2 weeks ...

The orange blossom season is usually between 5 and 20 April, although it may vary a few days depending on the climate. This site was created for the purpose of publicity, so that everyone can have this great experience.

Please make a note of your agenda for next April. Especially in April, when the orange flowers are the most intense, we are waiting for you all to have an unforgettable experience.