Plan Your Carnival

in 5 Steps

Let's plan the carnival together to enjoy the street carnival among the scent of orange flowers in the best time of Adana.


Who will you join with?

You are attending a carnival which you can spend time with your family, friends or alone. There are activities which will appeal to you, your family and your friends.

Remember, you're going to have a lot of fun with your beloved ones or with people who will be happy to be there.


Where will you accommodate?

Adana offers many hotels and pensions for accommodation. You can complete your trip at any preferred accommodation. We recommend that you book before Carnival dates.

Accommodation in Adana

How will you travel?

Transportation to Adana is quite wide. Whether plane, train, bus; or you can provide transportation to Adana using mobile applications.

Transportation to Adana

What Should You Wear?

Adana makes people feel the spring in April. You can easily finish your day with short sleeves. If you want to be cautious, maybe you can get a cardigan against the cool weather.

Weather in Adana

What should be in your suitcase?

Make sure you put your personal needs in your luggage. All the remaining needs are in Adana in April.