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6 APRIL 2019
2018 Nisan'da Adana'da - International Orange Blossom Carnival Date
Dear Visitors,
Nisan'da Adana'da -International Orange Blossom Carnival cortege and opening ceremony will be held on April 7th, 2018 Saturday and all Carnival activities will be planned between 1st and 9th of April.
 Görüntünün olası içeriği: bir veya daha fazla kişi, kalabalık, ağaç ve açık hava
We kindly suggest you to start preparing most creative costumes now for the cortege with a record participation.

We kindly remind you that we expect activity applications as much as possible to extend the carnival throughout the city.
The Carnival Committee is planning carnival activities and evaluating the activity applications and adding to the carnival program.
We have already started our studies now to arrange the organisation as the most crowded carnival in 2018.
We need your support to invite people from different parts of the world.
All official committee announcements will be made from our official web site and social media channels as usual.
To have more information information and contact us please send your emails to info@nisandaadanada.com as we can not reply comments under announcements on social media channels.
Best wishes,
Nisan’da Adana’da…