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6 APRIL 2019
Adana Walk of Fame Opened!

We strongly recommend you to visit!
The opening ceremony of the "Adana Walk of Fame", which has been dreamed for a long time, was held by placing the paving stones belonging to 12 artists and sportsman from Adana.

The names of celebrities from art, sports and science areas representing Adana on national and international platforms will be laid out in the Adana Walk of Fame, which is believed to be the only example in the world except the one in Los Angeles. It is planned to equip all Adana Streets with the names of Adana Celebrities with the addition of new names on the following days, which will not include the names of business people and politicians, in line with the principle.

When we look at the list of adana artists, sportsmen and scientists, we meet with hundreds of well-known names. This shows that in the near future, a rather long Walk of Fame will take place on the Adana streets. When you come to Adana, we recommend you to visit the pavement of first 12 names in front of the Municipality building.

Nisan`da Adana`da (In Adana On April)