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7 APRIL 2018

Design 2018 International Orange Blossom Carnival's most colorful cortege costume, join the competition, have the chance to win the awards!

You can participate in the Cortege Contest with ready-made costumes to reflect the carnival spirit, or free-themed costumes you will design yourself.

Last participation date for the competition you can attend individually or as a team: March 15th , 2018

- The theme is free in the competition. Competitors can design their outfits with the themes they wish or they can participate with ready-made clothes.
- Religious or political outfits and designs are not accepted for competition. In addition, the clothing and designs to participate in the competition must comply with the general rules of ethics, as they will be displayed in the public space.
- The competition is open to all individuals and institutions. Evaluation will be done in two categories as individual participation and team participation.
- The carnival committee has the right to use videos, images and photographs of all the clothes participating in the competition on social networks and media.
- There is no age limit in competition. Minors under the age of 18 can participate in the competition with written permission from their parents.
Individual participation 1st prize 3.000 TL, 2nd prize 2.000 TL, 3rd prize 1.000 TL
Team participation 1st prize is 5.000 TL, 2nd prize is 3.000 TL, 3rd prize is 2.000 TL

- Clothes left in the finals will be placed in front of the cortege.
- There is no limit on the number of pieces in the team work. Requested teams, tractors, trailers, etc. clothed in accordance with the themes for cortege participation. they can also use the car.
- All the clothes participating in the competition have to participate in the cortege. Results will be announced after the cortege.
- The carnival committee has the right to change the terms of participation and to evaluate according to their wish.
- Clothes to participate in the competition must be prepared by January 30th , 2018 and photos should be sent to info@nisandaadanada.com with the following information until the relevant date:

Participant's first name and surname:
(is it is a team, name of the team and the name of the representative)
Age of participant or team representative:
Participant or team representative's mobile phone:
E-mail address of the participant or team representative:
- Anyone who participates in the competition is deemed to accept the above conditions in advance.