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7 APRIL 2018
Dear Friends,

We need to make an explanation for the the process as a result of the applications of those who want to have a stand during the 2018 International Orange Blossom Carnival as follows;

- The Carnival Committee is not responsible for the organization of the commercial stands set up during the carnival. The committee does not have any authority about the decisions other than recommendation. CARNIVAL COMMITTEE IS ONLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE STANDS OF SPONSOR COMPANIES.

- We strongly recommend that the stands should not be concentrated in a single area, and be available especially in the wider regions, especially such as Toros Street, Atatürk Street, Ziyapaşa Circus and Turgut Özal Circus, according to the experience we gained from the past years and the enquiries we receive. Since many activities are scheduled to take place in the 2018 Carnival, the crowd will be available at many points in the city.

- We strongly recommend that there should be no more than 2 - rows stand on each pavement along the streets.

- Commercial stands during carnival should not include sales of items that not fit the carnival spirit, or have political or ideological content.

- We would like to remind once again that there should be no application to the Carnival Committee regarding commercial stands. The messages we receive regarding commercial stands will not be evaluated and will not be answered.

- The comments of the Carnival Committee mentioned above are only recommendation-based, and decisions to be taken by relevant local authorities may lead to changes in implementation. Such implementation changes are not related to the Carnival Committee.

Best wishes and regards,

Carnival Committee