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7 APRIL 2018
ANNOUNCEMENT: Carnival Parade Applications

Dear friends,
We have held Carnival Parade application meeting in the past days and reached a very good number of applications again. Apparently; this year we will again make a record in the parade walk attendance.

We received a decision to consider additional applications for parade participation, as there are many new requests that reach us after the meeting.

According to this; individual participants and group leaders who wish to attend parade as groups with costumes are kindly requested to send an e-mail to info@nisandaadanada.com

In your application messages, please state the following information without any missing points;
  • How many people will attend,
  • What kind of a costume / clothes you will wear,
  • If you participate in the Parade Costume Contest, please send us the picture of your costume
  • The name, e-mail address and mobile phone number of the individual participant or team leader for contact.

All communication will be done via e-mail.

The best costumes will be at the front of the Parade.

For your kind information,
Nisan`da Adana`da Committee