If you are going to eat Adana Kebab, whose name goes beyond the city, you should definitely order it as a wrap. This is the only way you can experience that unique flavour, in which all the sauce of the kebab is settled at the bottom of the wrap. When you order Adana Kebab, you should definitely specify it if you want it to be diced meat, because if you order kebab in Adana, minced meat kebab will be serviced. Your table is filled with tomatoes, green peppers, pickled peppers, cress, mint, radish, and onion salad with sumac that comes with it. It is time to enjoy this table.


Forget about all lahmacun you have eaten until now! Adana's lahmacun is unique. It is neither big nor tiny… It has middle size of these two sizes and round-shaped. There are five pieces served in one service and its flavour makes you fly. You should eat lahmacun in Adana at noon or in the evening, as the ovens of kebab shops will not have very successful results when they are cold.


Bici bici, which you can find only in Adana; is a scrumptious dessert made of a mixture of grated ice, starch, caster sugar and sherbet. Bici Bici, that is especially the number one refresher of the summer months, can be found all over Adana now, while it used to be sold on the streets in the past.


Sikma (Wrap), which is often mixed with Gozleme (pancakes), is a type of dough filled with ingredients such as cheese or potatoes. Especially at breakfast, when eaten with Ayran, it is the biggest step for you to start the day well.


Sugar-free and braided Kazan bagel (simit) is baked in a stone oven and is a treat for the hearts with its unique taste of Çukurova.


The name of licorice sherbet in Adana is Aslama and preferred especially for cooling. Aslama has the taste close to the taste of iced tea and is everyone's favorite with its cooling effect. You can find peddlers wandering around with pitchers on their backs all over Adana.


Made by fermenting, reaching its distinctive soda-like sharp taste as it is fermented, turnip juice (Salgam) is a beverage that you will never have difficulty in finding in Adana. If you have the opportunity, you should definitely try to taste them with their grains. A quick note; if you want to drink best turnip juices, choose the one that does not contain spice.


Adana pastry, made with dough made from dough as thin as baklava dough, offers a feast of taste with minced meat as well as cheese. While serving, cold tomatoes and pickles are always served along with thinly sliced ​​pastries.


Şırdan, made from lamb's stomach, is one of Adana's oldest and local dishes. You can come across a şırdan vendor at every corner in summer or winter. The cumin that you will add on the şırdan will give an extra flavour to your meal.


The indispensable soups of the winter months warm us even more with Adana's unique interpretations. Before eating kebab in Adana, you should definitely try the ring (yuksuk) soup, widow wife (dul avrat) soup, and the mother and girl (anali kizli) soup. Also, after eating calves-foot (paca) soups in Adana, you will not like it anywhere else.


Interpreting each dish in its own way, Adana adds hamburgers to its list and comes up with a version that you can only find in Adana.


Do not resist the desserts that you come across while walking on the road. Let yourself be spoilt with the delicious desserts that you can only eat in Adana.


Do not be deprived of the pleasure of eating fish and enjoying the landscape in Adana.