Anavarza Castle, which is approximately 70 kilometers from Adana, is located at the intersection of Kozan, Ceyhan and Kadirli districts, within the borders of Kozan. According to some sources, the city of Anavarza was founded by the Hittites. This city and castle have been instrumental in various cultures` influencing each other. A chapter in our famous novelist Yaşar Kemal's İnce Memed story was set in Anavarza. Visiting this historic castle and city will take you away from the moment for a while and make you feel at a different time.

Adress: Dilekkaya Mahallesi, 01500 Kozan/Adana



Varda Bridge is a bridge located in Hacıkırı (Kıralan) Village of Karaisalı district of Adana province and referred to as "Huge Bridge" by the local people. It is known as Hacıkırı Railway Bridge or German Bridge because it was built by the Germans in 1912. Its distance to Adana is 64 km via Karaisalı by road. Its distance to Adana Station by rail is 63 km. This bridge was built by the Germans using steel cage stone laying technique. It is located within the borders of the 6. region. It was put into service in 1912. The purpose of the bridge is to complete the Istanbul-Baghdad- Hejaz Railway line. Today it is famous for James Bond's Skyfall movie.

Adress: Karaisalı İlçesi Adana



The Seven Sleepers Cave, located in the village of Dedeler, northwest of Tarsus, Mersin, is sacred both by Muslims and Christians. This cave, which is mentioned in the Surah Al-Kahf of the Quran, can be reached by climbing down 15-20 stairs. The mountain, known as the Visit Mountain among the people, has a natural feature due to its conical shape and topographic appearance. The cave is 300 square meters in size and 10 m in height. There are three tunnels inside the cave. A mosque was built next to Eshab-ı Kehf Cave by the Ottoman Sultan Abdulaziz in 1873.

Adress: Dedeler, 33400 Tarsus/Mersin



Misis Wrecks located near Yakapınar in Adana takes its name from the Cilician warrior Mapsos and is used as one of the important stops of the Silk Road. The most interesting of the Byzantine mosaics exhibited in the small single-floor museum at the entrance of the village is the 6th century floor mosaic depicting Noah's survival from the flood.

Adress: Geçitli Cumhuriyet Yüreğir/Adana



It is assumed that Yılankale, which is 13 kilometers away from Ceyhan, was built during the Byzantine period. It was set up on a very steep hill that completely overlooks the Ceyhan Plain. Famous Turkish traveler Evliya Çelebi named the castle, formerly known as Govara (Kovara), as Shahmaran Castle in the 17th century since the place is where the legend of Shahmaran takes place in the region.

Adress:Ceyhan İlçesi/Adana



Located in the town of Tufanbeyli in Adana, the ancient city of Şar (Shar) contains Roman-era artifacts. The ancient city, which continues to host its visitors especially with its Amphitheater, also has church wrecks left from the Byzantine period.

Adress:Cumhuriyet, Kızıltepe Cd. No:8, Tufanbeyli/Adana



Belemedik Plateau, with a distance of 9 km from Pozantı, is accustomed to the intense interest of visitors. The plateau, which has a wonderful nature with a length of 3 kilometers, makes people fall in love with the smell of flowers in the spring. Old houses in the region have been abandoned and there is a construction ban. Those who want to build a wooden house are allowed. If you want to camp on the plateau, you have to bring all your needs with you. You can take nature photos and spend peaceful times in the middle of nature.

Adress: Belemedik Yaylası/Pozantı/Adana



You should definitely visit Horzum Plateau, which reveals the geography and traditional life of Adana with its wooden houses, green plants and plateau people, and let nature embrace you. Horzum Plateau is intertwined with pine, plane tree, vineyards and fruit trees. You can go to the region in either summer or winter with buses and minibuses that transport passengers throughout the year, to make a camp and have a picnic. Leave it in the plateau, which also has countryside cafes and grocery stores, pine trees accompany you, fruit trees become your best friend.

Adress:Kozan İlçesi/ Adana



Adana have every opportunity in terms of the Water sports and stand out as an important center of Turkey. The dam lake in Adana has been training countless athletes by hosting of various competitions. Seyhan Dam Lake, where swimming, rowing and canoe races are held, is honored to host athletes 12 months of the year in terms of convenient climate and wind.

Adress:Dörtler, Baraj Cad. Seyhan/Adana